If you are new to Las Venturas Playground (and reading this page), you likely have no idea as to what a "cruise" is—so allow us to introduce you to the wonderful concept of cruises. A cruise is a group of players driving (oftentimes tuned) vehicles from Las Venturas Airport throughout the entirety of San Andreas and ending on the peak of Mount Chiliad. There is no predetermined route, specified terrain, or city limitations—so be certain your vehicle is durable, versatile, and tuned to the max!

After arriving atop Mount Chiliad, many cruises end with players driving their vehicles off the cliff. Everyone who survived this jump usually continue onward in a smaller cruise back to Las Venturas.


To guarantee a safe and enjoyable cruise, Las Venturas Playground has a few rules in place. These rules are strictly enforced and consequences (jail time, a kick, or even a ban) abound—so behave!

  • DO NOT fire your weapon during a cruise—period!
  • DO NOT steal another player's vehicle!
  • DO NOT purposely damage other vehicles!

If you would like to look at what a cruise looks like, we have a few screenshots for you to peruse: