A very nice "feature" on the Las Venturas Playground server is gangs. Gangs have existed for a long time, and they keep the fun in the server.

What is a gang?

A gang is a group of players, who are fighting together, defending the base together, and trying to capture the gangbase to take control of the city. Mostly, each gang has it's own skin, or a skin"group" (similar skins).


There are multiple goals, every day again! Each gang is trying to be in control of the city, by taking over the gangbase. The gangbase contains some nice extra's for the gang who is in control of the city, like free weapons, health and armor pickups.

Since the gangs want to be in control over the gangbase, there are gangwars on a regular base. There isn't a time limit or anything, they just happen, and as long as needed.

When you are done fighting for the gang, you can start fighting for fun! Las Venturas Playground offers some minigames, special for gangs! Check out the minigames page for more information about the minigames. Of course you can play the other minigames aswell, or start role playing or join a cruise.