Another Update

posted by Wesley on Monday, April the 21st at 9:10 PM
Again we are a few weeks further and development has been going on.
Some more features have been completed, of which some you know already from the current version of LVP, and some very nice new features.

In Las Venturas Playground 3.0 you’ll see features as the regular chat return, but there also are some totally new functions of which one involves being able to grab a hold of a vehicle. Also the Pirate-ship handler has been completed, which makes it impossible to ship-fight or shoot at the ship. Furthermore loads of vehicles have been added all around Las Venturas. It’s now also possible to buy weapons at the ammunition.

The Development team is still busy working on loads of other features. Virtual worlds, properties, and much more will be in Las Venturas Playground 3.0. We’re definitely a long way from being done, but we’re getting somewhere.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team,