The temporary revert to 2.85

posted by Fireburn on Wednesday, April the 1st at 8:54 PM
Hi all,
As you may have read in this announcement, we are reverting our gamemode back to 2.85, this evening, around 9:00 (GMT).
We are doing this because we found some major bugs in the gamemode, which could make the database corrupted. Also, there are some other major bugs, including servercrashes, client crashes, and gamemode bugs. We are going to fix this as soon as we can, but it seems this could still take more than a week. There are some serious issues with the gamemode, so the only way we can make sure everything will work fine is by taking this big measure. We are sorry to let you down, but we will try to fix this as soon as possible, so you can go back to playing 2.90.
We ask everyone with extensive knowledge of MySQL or pwn to contact me, by sending a personal message on the forum or on IRC.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management and Development Team,
Lead developer 2.x


We discovered an imminent threat related to SQL Injection attacks within the Las Venturas Playground sourcecode. This bug has been fixed and 2.9 is live again.