Wanted: Pawn Developers

posted by Fireburn on Wednesday, April the 22nd at 9:58 PM
Hi there,

As you know, developing isn't going superfast the last weeks, the most important reason for this being that since Jay left we lost the most active developer. That is why we, as 2.x Development Team, are now searching for Pawn coders. If you are interested in joining a project played by more than 1000 people every day and you know Pawn, then this is something for you! We are looking for people who would like to be developing actively.

- Good knowledge of Pawn
- A view, opinion and enough fantasy to bring in ideas yourself, as well as the ability to accept that your idea will not be implemented
- Having a fair amount of time available
- You are able to work in a team with other developers

If you are interested, and got the time, please send an e-mail to dev@sa-mp.nl , including the following information:

(Pawn-)Coding Experience:
Your motivation:

Please note, at the moment bugfixing 2.90 has the highest priority, so until we fixed all bugs, we won't add new features.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team,