Las Venturas Playground 2.91: Going out with a Bang!

posted by Jay on Wednesday, April the 7th at 3:48 PM
It has been a while since we've posted a large update for Las Venturas Playground, but today, we bring to you a huge update. LVP 2.91 Build 19 has four new minigames, a new Kill Frenzy feature, vehicle layout improvements, bombshop enhancements, FightClub enhancements, major bug fixes and more!

Build 19 introduces an expansion to the derby handler: Height checking. The handler calculates players' heights', which introduces two new derbies: Infernus Pushoff and Glendale Knockout. The aim of each derby is to push your opponent off the edge without falling off yourself! Check out the screenshots below.

We've said on numerous occasions that the SaveInfo Handler is working, with this statement obviously being misinterpreted. We've fixed six issues with the handler, and introduced IP checking for further assurance of correct data loading. We've also introduced an automatic error checking and repairing system. The class selection buttons on spawn issue has been fixed, along with "confused slots" resulting in wrong information being loaded for a player. We've also fixed on foot restore for players who were not signed up for a minigame. 

Kill Frenzies
A feature that was originally planned for 2.90.0 has finally been complete this week: Kill Frenzies. 17 skull pickups are scattered around Las Venturas. For any player (un)fortunate enough to find one, you will be given a random weapon, with a time limit and goal to kill a certain amount of players before time runs out. For anyone who is lucky enough to pass the frenzy, a plus point will come your way.

Fighting Styles
For anyone willing to put in a bit of work, you can now train at the Gym in Las Venturas! The new LVP Training Programme is guaranteed to improve your fighting skills!

Due to many reported FPS problems, we've reverted to the LVP 2.90.0 vehicle layout, which removes over 800 vehicles. Additionally, vehicles are now static instead of random. This will majorly reduce FPSlag for most players with older PC's, making LVP more accessible for everyone.

Fightclub improvements
Dueling was just made that one touch better! Players now have the option to choose the weapon type before starting a duel - walk weapon or run weapons.

WalkWeapons War and Random Deathmatch
WalkWeapons war consists of players spawning at the Sawnoff Fights place, and competing to kill eachother with a Desert Eagle, M4 and Combat Shotgun. The Random Deathmatch minigame has the same aim, but the weapons are random - players could spawn with weapons from Sniper Rifles to Miniguns!

On a dimmer note however, it's with our sad duty to report Fireburn's recent sentence to jail for rape. Matthias has also run into some trouble at his school trip to London - apparently he was spotted staring at a mans private parts and, in turn, was severely abused.

Complete changelog of LVP 2.91.19
* Added IP checking to the SaveInfo for more accuracy (Jay)
* Added automatic bad slot detection and repair to the SaveInfo (Jay)
* Fixed SaveInfo slots sometimes getting confused with other players (Jay)
* Fixed class selection buttons showing after loading SaveInfo data (Jay)
* Fixed jail problems with the SaveInfo (Jay)
* Fixed onfoot position restore with the SaveInfo (Jay)
* Fixed problem with passenger teleport when players leave map zones (Jay)
* Added fighting style training to the LV Gym (Jay)
* Derby handler now supports Height checking (Jay)
* New derbies: Glendale Knockout and Infernus Pushoff (Jay)
* Fixed problem with /stats showing the number of online admins (thiaZ)
* New rampage handler (Matthias)
* Added 17 rampages around LV (Matthias)
* New crew IRC command: !weather (thiaZ)
* New minigame: Walk Weapon Wars (Jay)
* Reverted the vehicle layout to 2.90.0 - Removing approximately 900 vehicles (Jay)
* Vehicles are now static instead of random (Jay)
* Added a new special vehicle near the bombshop (Jay)
* Bomb detonation no longer works within 5 seconds of teleporting (Jay)
* You can now carteleport to the cruise leader, even if he has teleporting disabled (Matthias)
* The cruise now ends when the cruiseleader disconnects (Matthias)
* Fixed a few typos, bit of small improvements (Matthias)
* Got abused in London (Matthias)
* Got raped by Fireburn (Jay)
* Added visit to the notp feature (Fireburn)
* Fixed a bug with /sell all (Fireburn)
* Added walking weapons function for the fightclub (thiaZ)
* Added a random weapon minigame (thiaZ)
* Added lamekills to /my stats (thiaZ)

This concludes our weekly updates for LVP 2.91. We may release an update every fortnight with any bug fixes. More details will come soon.

See you in the near future with the next big step...


Las Venturas Playground Developer