Stairway to infinity

posted by Wesley on Friday, April the 2nd at 2:43 PM
Damn, those stairs were high, weren't they? We hope you didn't really think there was a prize at the top, because, well, there wasn't.

Yesterday was April 1st, so to keep up the tradition the Las Venturas Playground Management thought of a new joke to annoy players. The infinite staircase was a great success, many players tried to reach the top, which wasn't even there and got thrown off the stairs somewhere because of world boundaries.

Of course the forums couldn't miss out on the fun. Wondered since when staff members were swearing on rival gangs? And since when players were allowed to post in the Ban Zone? Well, that was a joke too. Authors of posts were randomly changed to random members, which might've caused some confusion.

We hope you had a laugh too, and keep playing to see what we got in store for you next year.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management,
Wesley Lancel