Taking the next big step: Project Playground

posted by Matthias on Wednesday, April the 28th at 8:50 PM

As you might've noticed, it has became quite quiet around the developing of Las Venturas Playground 2.91. This is not because we've stopped developing, but because we've moved on. This is why today, we would like to introduce you to our new project, Las Venturas Playground: Project Playground.

Project Playground will be better than everything we've done before. We will add new features for all sorts of players. Do you like to fight? We will improve that. Do you like our current racesystem? Wait until Project Playground is finished, you will be amazed by the new features. Do you like to play with a some friends in a gang? Then you will love our new version. Are you a roleplayer? You will be blown away after we have finished this version.

I could go on forever about new features, but the only thing I can advise is to stay tuned, and eagerly wait for our next blogpost. We are very excited about this version, as is our betateam, and it will be a big improvement for everyone!

Of course, we would like your input too! If you have any ideas for our new version, don't hesitate for a moment to post it on our forums, we will be looking forward to reading all your wildest ideas.
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On behalf of the entire Las Venturas Playground Development Team,