2.94.9-2: Car Taxis, bug fixes and SA-MP 0.3e information

posted by Jay on Thursday, April the 5th at 12:49 AM
2.94.9-2 was updated on the main server a few days ago which is a bug fix update. This release has been fast-tracked due to a problem occurring for players with IDs above 31 suffering with connection issues.

Other changes:

- /race35 has been temp disabled due to client crashes
- Some improvements to the /stunt menu usability
- Fixed players not respawning in their gang when the SaveInfo system loads player data
- You can now car-teleport to taxi destinations! Checkout /tow
- Fixed issue with map zones paying out ridiculous amounts of money
- Fixed issues with RWTW arena not loading properly for some players
- Time to capture a turf has been reduced to 2 minutes

- New house features:-
  - House owners can now lock / unlock houses
  - Its now possible to host house parties and even play custom songs! .mp3 files and shoutcast/icecast servers are supported for DJing. More information regarding this to follow when houses are publicly available to all players.
  - Added house option to /taxi menu and also /house goto command for admins

LVP 2.94.11 is planned which will be on SA-MP 0.3e when it has been released. More information about 0.3e can be found by clicking here.

2.94.11 will have more bug fixes together with a brand new, cool DMing system called iDM. More details about that soon!
Coming Soon