Las Venturas Playground 27.5

posted by George on Sunday, April the 24th at 10:50 PM

An update was pushed to the server! This update mainly consists of cleaning up various features, however it does fix some issues too!

- 8a5a767: The Warehouse Fightclub location is now fully functional! Players now take health/armour damage properly as they should do
- 33fbd8d: The /knockout minigame is now playable again and will not show constant out of boundries messages
- 3cd7737: Resolved an issue where FightClub stats would reset if a player left midway through the fight
- 43227fb: Added a /sul command. This spawns a Sultan for those players who've sprayed 100 tags. Other available vehicles include: /nrg, /inf, /ele
- 061dc72: Added /slapb(ack), increased the price, admins can no longer override the 10 second check

If you notice any issues, please do let us know by replying here or logging a case on Github!

On behalf of the LVP management, crew and development team,

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