Lithirm makes the front page!

posted by Harry on Saturday, April the 23rd at 10:08 PM
Hello everyone,

Lithirm recently expressed that it would "be pretty darn cool" to be featured on LVP's front page. So for this week's news post, we are going to take a look at everything Lithirm.

Lithirm registered on 23 December 2008 and has been online for 2070 hours and 12 minutes. In that time he has gotten 9890 kills and died 11339 times (K/D 0.87). Out of the 9890 kills, 3 of them were the result of a drive-by and 28 of them were done by a helicopter blade. Lithirm has been in 304 fights in Fight Club, winning 174 and losing 130. Leaving him with a FC K/D ratio of 1.34.

Lithirm is a pretty rich guy, considering he has $991.7 million in his bank account. But the money in his bank account isn't all the makes up who Lithirm is. He's also a fun loving guy ranking in at #98 with 455 minigames won, #11 for exporting 1,569 vehicles, and #2 for having the second fastest fingers in the land, with 7,777 reaction tests won! I think the only boring fact about Lithirm is that he's only detonated 2 carbombs in all his time at LVP.

So, there you have it Lithirm, you've made it to the front page. Most everyone loves you for the fun loving guy you are and some of us even love you for those fast fingers you have ;)

You can learn more about Lithirm here. And send him love letters here.