Las Venturas Playground Server Move

posted by Peter on Tuesday, August the 21st at 5:24 PM
For the last 276 days, starting on the 18th of November last year, we've been stressing our current Mobile Sempron CPU to the limits, resulting in a lagfest at busy times on Las Venturas Playground. After some discussions with GTA-Host, we've come to to the conclusion that there's only one proper way of solving these problems: moving to a new server.

A couple of days ago, GTA-Host has presented us with a new, shiney Xeon server to cover the ever-growing needs of the LVP Server. The Management has worked quite hard to get it ready, and we're now at a point that the move can start happening. The new IP of Las Venturas Playground will be : 7777, with an increased player limit resulting in a total of 125 player slots!

Next to that, our developers have worked very hard lately to present you with the latest version of our gamemode. With alot of bugfixes and new features, version 2.75 of Las Venturas Playground will be waiting for you on the new server (Changelog)! The server move will happen later today, we're currently finishing the latest bits related to moving.

Thank you for playing on Las Venturas Playground,

The Las Venturas Playground Management