Swearing on Las Venturas Playground

posted by Nakebod on Monday, August the 18th at 5:06 PM
A few days ago, we distributed the following message to all gangs playing on Las Venturas Playground.
To inform every single player, we have decided to also publish this message in a public section.


Note: this is a message distributed to all gangs.

Lately, as quite some players have noticed, the overall environment of Las Venturas Playground has gotten alot worse. This mainly is due to the increased amount of flaming which can be found in the server. You get killed by someone from a clan you hate, which, of course, is bad for your ratio, so you call him a fag. Your killer takes that as an offense and replies on that as well, because one cannot be flamed without flaming back apparently. Then you flame him again, which ends up with show-messages full of flame and hatred between gangs.

This, in case you do not understand, is a bad thing. In order to improve the environment on Las Venturas Playground, we would like to purpose some general guidelines as for flaming and being killed by other people. There will be certain fluctuations in which we will react on specific actions as well, which all is described below.

  • No more public swearing
    We shall be reacting more strictly to swearing in main chat, and swearing using a show-message will be a valid reason for a two-day ban. Swearing in public chat, especially repeated swearing, will be rewarded with a mute ranging from three minutes till fifteen minutes, after which a kick will follow.
  • Less strictness on private swearing
    As long as you keep it within the limits (meaning, no diseases, racism and discrimination, and no constant swearing), swearing in private places, in this case meaning only the gang-chat, will be allowed. Jokes in which you accidentially forget the gangchat prefix will kindly be rewarded with a mute as well.
  • So, now I'll PM the fag that he's a fag
    No. React in gangchat, your gangmates can know what you think, and he most likely will already expect you to be pissed. If someone uses LVP features to run away from a fight, report him. If someone PM's you with swearing, report him. Admins will take proper action if you do.

Please mind that this is purely a test. We really want to improve the general gameplay experience which goes for all people, and have concluded that swearing is the largest thing ruining it for alot of players. If you really have a problem with another person or clan, send a well formatted message to a Management member, explaining the problem you have, and include as much information as possible so we can undertake action if that is required.

The Las Venturas Playground Management treats everyone the same, no clan gets any rights and/or status over another clan. Temp-moderation, being friends with a crewmember and various other exceptions are purely given based on the individual itself, not based on the clan he/she is in. Strong actions will be taken against moderators and administrators if they disobey that rule.

Thank you, and we sincerely hope we'll get your help in improving the environment on Las Venturas Playground.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management,
Sander Rutten