LVP 2.90.35 Blogpost - UPDATED!

posted by Matthias on Monday, August the 10th at 3:39 AM
It looks like 2.90.35 is kinda bugged, what resulted in major timeouts.
Probably a small thing, like a wrong object ID, so for the time being, we are running 2.90.34 again.
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Good evening,

Another 2 weeks have passed, so it's time for another blogpost! Since both Wesley and Fireburn are on holidays, there hasn't been too much done. I'll sum up a few of the most important features and bugfixes that were added. We've added a new mapzone, /map 5, mapped by Jay and put in by Matthias and Wesley. Jay also disabled the interior weapon handler, since it contained a few annoying bugs.

I re-added the 2 RC Goblins near the VIP room, and we've added a new option to the airport menu, Liberty City. You can now fly from every city in San Andreas to Liberty City and back.

We've also fixed a few small, annoying bugs. Read the complete changelog here.

I also would like to use this blogpost to announce the sad news that Jay has resigned from 2.x Development, I would like to thank Jay in the name of the entire LVP Development team for all the hard work and effort that he put into LVP 2.x.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team,
Matthias Van Eeghem