Updates - LVP 2.91

posted by Jay on Monday, August the 24th at 2:32 AM
Well another two weeks have gone by and it's time for your update.

Fireburn has been concentrating on the robbery handler. After fixing and testing a few issues with signup counts, it's fair to say that the robbery minigame is now stable.

The anti weapon cheat has had quite a few improvements. The accuracy has been increased by about 70% which therefore will more effectively ban cheaters.

Matthias has been working on some command cleanups and fixed a few bugs with /ctp and signing out of Ship Team deathmatch.

We've also managed to finally fix that annoying bug with ID 0 not showing nametags, and signing up with minigames in jail.

As some of you may have noticed, Sanandreas Multiplayer 0.3 is coming close to a release. With constant public betas showing off some of the new features, we've managed to recognise some of these new features and have already began work on Las Venturas Playground 2.91. Some new features to the mode include:

- Over 1200 new vehicles!
- Updates to the random vehicle spawner
- New minigames, one of which is known as Lyse
- New map zones
- Bar improvements - Players can now actually drink bottles and get drunken camera effects
- Usage of NPCs on trains, planes, and buses. As well as in places such as the bar, and the GTA Merchant
- Bug fixes and performance improvements - 2.91 will feature heavy optimizations
- Fixes to the spawn weapon saving system
- New spawn weapons
- Hidden packages re added
- 100% accurate speedometers and altimeters
- Textdraw flickering issues fixed 
- Bombshop improvements
- New achievements
- A new Fightclub system

Please note however that not all of these features are complete and are subject to change. We're hoping to release LVP 2.91 on the same day as SA:MP 0.3.

See you soon :)

On Behalf of the LVP Development team,
2.91 Developer