Las Venturas Playground 10.2.0

posted by cake on Friday, August the 23rd at 5:55 PM
Hey there all!

The LVP developement team is very proud to release version 10 to the main server! A big number for a big release: there has been put a tremendous amount of work in rewriting the few biggest core functions; being vehicles, properties and ban handling. I can't emphasize the amount of work there's been put in these projects, and with these out of the way we can surely say LVP has overcome it's biggest difficulties since the gamemode has started to be reworked. Thanks: Russell, Kase and Jay :)

You're gonna notice the working RC vehicles, renewed property textlabels and, if you're lucky, the brand new ban manager ;) Yet, the biggest improvements are the server's stability and durability. For the following releases, I think it's safe to say we can finally move on to minigames, gangs and kill-handling: the all around deathmatch aspect of LVP. We're coming back baby!

Other noteworthy improvements:
- Whatpulse statistics fixed.
- Karma calculation fixed.
- Rewritten spectate handler for LVP crew.
- A total amount of 100 tickets handled since version 9.8.
- Updates to Nuwani, the IRC side of LVP.
- Various cleanups.

You understand that bringing in these new features might introduce some bugs as well, let me remind you of our bug tracker: If you guys like, you can log in with your LVP account and create tickets regarding bugs or awesome ideas you have. Track our developement pace at!

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management & Development Team,