Three appreciation awards and a new Administrator

posted by Joeri on Sunday, August the 18th at 8:21 PM
There have been a lot of improvements with the gamemode in the last couple of years. All of which wouldn't be possible without our awesome development team. We'd like to take the time and show our appreciation to three of the most important people that have made all this possible; Jay, Kase and Cake.

Jay registered his account 2207 days ago, back when he was known as 'Grove'. After playing solo for a while he founded the Coldthugz gang with Makaveli and Caveman and spend every minute fighting with the [BA] gang over the gangbase. Jay started developing gamemodes for sa-mp somewhere in 2009 and joined the LVP development team. His first ever change to the code fixed a bug with player colors in june 2009, since then he has made over 700 commits adding various features and fixing numerous bugs. In total his contribution is in the ten thousands lines of code. Jay has been the lead developer for several years and is currently involved with rewriting features.

Our Italian friend Kase joined LVP in 2009 and is the founder of the Excessive Fighting gang (eF) which is also knows as the Excessive Farmers gang on Mineground. Kase joined the development team in 2011 where he, like most new developers, started with fixing bugs. To list some of the features he added recently; /tow, minigame menus, the new ammunation, Island DM and several administration features. He has fixed tons and tons of bugs.

The most recent addition to the development team is Cake but since he joined in April of this year he already made close to 250 commits! Cake joined LVP in 2008 and was active for several years. When he became active again in the beginning of this year we were making progress with rewriting the gamemode and his help has been invaluable. To highlight a few features he worked on; /hitman, pause system, IRC messages, save-info, VIP features, /pm and /call, /my look, power statues and the awesome color picker. We feel that Cake's involvement with our community shouldn't go unnoticed, therefore he is also promoted to LVP Administrator.

The LVP Management honors each of these people the with the Appreciation Award for their efforts.

Progress with development
In case you missed, one of our recent steps to make development more open and transparent we've opened up our issue tracker so that anyone with an LVP account can report bugs here. If you have found any bugs or want to suggest features, please create a ticket. You can see our progress here.
Our Pawn editor has been released for anyone to download and use with their own projects. For a sneak peek under the hood of the current gamemode, see our automagically documented list of classes and methods... There is more to come.

On behalf of the LVP Management,