Insight in your most recent sessions

posted by Russell on Sunday, August the 7th at 6:16 PM
Quite recently we've begun asking players what sort of data they would like to know about their playing sessions. As a result of some really cool suggestions, today we're announcing the first use of our big data pipeline, a new piece of infrastructure we've been working on to create fancy graphs.

Detailed per-session fighting performance
Let's take a look at [TR]Death$Star's session this morning. He was online for an hour and 36 minutes, during which he killed 30 players, was killed 4 times himself and died of other reasons once. Most of his fighting occurred around the ship, but he clearly travelled around to find his victims too.

Looks pretty rad, doesn't it? There's more! His favourite weapon during this session was the Sawnoff Shotgun, with which he fired 465 times, 262 of which hit another player. That creates for an accuracy of 56%, slightly below the average of the better fighters on the server, but I'm sure that's just a fluke, right? ;)

You can find these graphs for every session played since Friday, August 5th. Just go to your profile page on the website, and you'll find a new recent sessions link in the left-hand menu. You can see the most recent sessions of all other players too!

Please continue sharing your suggestions for other cool statistics you'd like to see in the topic in the Development section. We plan to extend our gang system around this data, and create a ranking between gangs based on their in-game performance.

For now, however, please share graphs of your best performing sessions in this topic :).