LVP 29.5 - Economic Changes and Forgiveness

posted by Joe on Wednesday, August the 10th at 9:31 PM
Good evening all,

I'd like to officially announce the economic changes to align LVP's economy with the upcoming housing system. 

In the live version of Las Venturas Playground very large dollar amounts are required to purchase very expensive items and properties; for example, it currently would cost $200,000 to use the /showmessage command, or $10,000,000 to change your player color as a VIP. We have reduced prices on nearly every command; for the examples above: /showmessage now costs $10,000 and VIP color changes are free. 

With the reduction of prices comes the reduction of earnings- when you spawn, you will now receive $10,000 rather than $175,000. Earnings from properties have been modified in a similar way, while maintaining a nearly identical time to double the money invested in the property. 

Spawn weapon prices have also been reduced to align with the rest of the new economy.

What does this all mean to you?

  • Your money is now much more powerful; your bank balance has been decreased to align with the new economy but the average cost of commands has been decreased by a larger factor than your bank has.

  • Your bank will show a balance no higher than $100,000,000 on next login. Your money has not been taken, it has simply been adjusted to work with the new pricing of the server. 

  • Bank limits will remain at $2,000,000,000 even though the maximum account value has been adjusted to $100,000,000; effectively giving you the ability to store 20x the current limit. 

  • Bounties have been adjusted at the same rate as bank accounts to align the values with the new economy. 

  • All 2664 players indebted to the server by borrowing from the LVP Main Bank by using the /borrow command have been forgiven.

tldr; We fixed server financial problems, forget about your real life problems, come to LVP, it's like Las Vegas but fake. 

Non-Economic updates included in this update include:
Adding anti-quit joke protection (Contributed by LVPYassine)
Remove the 50 hour requirement for /ignore
Allow live reloading of certain gamemode modules

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management,