Nickname policy

posted by Xanland on Sunday, August the 28th at 10:31 PM

Since the beginning of our community, about 120,000 people have registered their account on Las Venturas Playground. This is an absolutely incredible number, and we're humble to be able to provide entertainment to such a large group of people.

However, such a large group of players has a downside: it's not unlikely that your nickname has already been chosen by somebody else. This could happen with cool nicknames, as well as regular first names, assigned to accounts that haven't been used in years.

When this happens, please feel free to open a topic in our Help Requests forum stating your current nickname, as well as the nickname you'd like to claim. When your request meets the following requirements, an administrator will reassign the nickname to your account.

  • The account must have been idle for at least four years.
  • The account may not belong to a former member of our staff.
  • The account may not belong to a VIP player.

Please mind that administrators also may refuse your request if the account belongs to a well known figure in the community, even if they've been idle for a long time.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground crew and Management,