Welcome on the new Las Venturas Playground website!

posted by Richard on Saturday, December the 12th at 1:48 PM
Welcome to the brand new Las Venturas Playground website!

Over the last months we've been working hard to bring you this totally renewed website. This new site is much more interactive and includes a lot of new features, including detailed player, server statistics and awesome WhatPulse statistics. The way we now create our statistics also allows third parties to use our API, in order to create their own cool website with statistics. We are very excited about our new website, it has a lot of great new features, and the layout and look of it has been drastically changed.

But these are not the only cool things that are new. The launch of the new website goes together with a relaunch of Las Venturas Playground. Version 2.0, as we like to call it, is a positive change in many aspects. Las Venturas Playground is now much more transparent. Every policy we have can be viewed, including policies on how we handle your privacy, what rules we have to maintain order and regulations for our staff. Also, we've done some internal changes within the management that will decrease the bureaucracy with discussion inside the management, allowing us to be more dynamic and flexible.

To celebrate this, we've set up a competition with an awesome prize you can win by just having fun! This prize is a brand new nVidia PNY GTX 260-OC videocard. Find out how to win this by checking out the contest page.

Again, welcome to our new website, and please take a look around to get as excited about it as we are.

The Las Venturas Playground Management