Las Venturas Playground 2.93.1 is now live

posted by Jay on Thursday, December the 2nd at 9:15 PM
We've just released LVP 2.93.1. This update addresses issues that occured in the previous LVP 2.93 version.

There have been a lot of optimizations in this update and LVP should generally be a lot more stable and faster.


* Optimized many, many, many MySQL queries (Jay)
* Threaded some MySQL queries (Jay)
* Updated the MySQL plugin to the latest version (Jay)
* Fixed MySQL security injection flaws with gang names (Jay)
* Optimized some gang functions removing the need for MySQL interaction (thiaZ)
* Changed gang data saving process: Gang data now saves when the latest gang member quits (thiaZ)
* Fixed conflicting MySQL queries with the website and gang system upon initialization that was causing a crash (Jay)
* Fixed out of sync MySQL queries in the gang handler (Jay)
* Disabled the sscanf plugin and reverted to the deprecated version purely for ease (Jay)
* Fixed a minor issue with player death messages (Jay)
* Decreased the player count to 125 to increase performance (Jay)
* Fixed problems with RWTW (Jay)
* Fixed all known issues with Gangs (Jay)
* Fixed buffer overflow in the jail handler (Jay)

Discussion about LVP 2.93 can be found here:

We hope you enjoy this update and do check back soon for the LVP Christmas 2010 update!

Kind Regards,
LVP Lead Developer