Las Venturas Playground 18.5

posted by cake on Sunday, December the 7th at 12:58 PM
Dear players,

We're bringing you some fresh changes for the winter season, here they are:

- Upon death, a player will drop a briefcase along with their weapons, containing half of the money they were carrying. From now on this money won't be immediately transferred to the killer, but all players nearby are able to grab it.
- The bottom userbar has been replaced by a more sexier interface in the down right corner. We're looking for some kind of counter to show the amount of people currently minigaming, but that will be added later. In the meantime you can use /minigaming to see who's minigaming. To make up for the loss of commands that was quite handy for new players we'll invest some time in implementing help-textdraws and information icons/NPCs, also to be added later.
- Unregistered players now see a warning bar at the top to make it more obvious that their stats aren't being saved. Also a dialog explaning the benefits of registering is shown upon their first spawn.
- X-mas decorations from LVP 2.9 are making a comeback!
- Minor bug fix for /bank all which will now completely fill your bank at once if you carry enough cash.
- Achievements are now only available for registered players.
- More minor fixes and cleanups.

Also, Santa is dropping presents throughout LVP!
Here is a screeny for the money-drop briefcase and the new player statistics interface:

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management & Development Team,