Banner contest

posted by theHolyCow on Monday, February the 12th at 11:09 PM

The contest

Dear LVP-players,

As our community grows ever larger we are looking to new ways to make us seen. As a first effort to make us more visible and to satisfy our pride we will be creating some special LVP-art. This art will have the form of banners that can be placed on sites and in signatures.

To reflect the potent of our community we would like that you make those banners. In an effort to realize this, this banner contest has been created. For an entry to be valid it will be bound to as few rules as possible as not to hamper your inspiration.

So are you interested in creating the new face of LVP to the outside world? Let you inspiration roam free and let your talents pay homage to our great community!

Sincerely yours,

The LVP Management

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