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posted by Peter on Thursday, February the 7th at 4:27 PM
Some of you might have noticed that it's getting pretty silent around announcements, updates and rumours about Las Venturas Playground. Is anything happening, going to happen soon or will the server just die out slowly? Don't worry, in the past few months a number of plans have been activated to improve the quality of Las Venturas Playground, as well as the other services we offer.

The most popular plan will be our entirely new gamemode: Las Venturas Playground 3.0. A mysterious gamemode of which no details have been released so far, or at least, not much. Right now, we're nearly leaving the earliest development phase, which means that all the developers will be able to start programming. Database communication is fully working, as well as the IRC Echo-mechanisms and various other important Core features, which are required for the rest of the gamemode. Starting now, development of the new modular-setup gamemode will go rapidly, and we'll soon be setting up a blog on which the developers will give you sneak previews once every while.

Another thing we're working on is something that will be new to all of you, including the administrators and other crew: the Management will be detached from the GTA Servers. This will probably sound more shocking than it is, but especially in the next few months, nothing will really change. In time, however, it means that not the entire Management will be focusing on the GTA-gameservers anymore, which exactly is the reason why we decided to take this measure. This will be replaced by a new company called LVP Media, which will have a number of representatives responsible for the SA-MP servers. We will also be opening new websites, starting new projects and get involved with other games as well.

Of course, this will have a number of consequences for the forums. Right now, these forums are stand-alone and include only Las Venturas Playground. We expect to have a new forum up-and-running within a few weeks for Las Venturas Playground, of which this forum, including all its posts and members, will become a child-board. This does, however, not change anything to the way you visit these forums. The looks might change a bit, your account ID may change, topic-numbers will be changing, but next to that you will, when visiting, not notice anything about the change. The new, larger forum, will also include our new projects, websites and other activities.

More updates and news on these subjects will follow shortly, as well as the location of the upcoming development blog. Stay tuned, and for now, have fun posting- and playing on Las Venturas Playground!

The Las Venturas Playground Management