Discontinuing TeamSpeak2, over and out

posted by Sander on Thursday, February the 4th at 9:36 PM
It has been a while since we started with our TeamSpeak2 server. Over the past few years it was the home base for voice communication, mainly between LVP members. However, in December 2009 the long awaited TeamSpeak3 server and client arrived with the start of the open beta. Since the public availability of this new TeamSpeak3 beta we've been running a TeamSpeak3 beta server next to our normal TeamSpeak2 server. This beta has been considered stable enough for our needs so therefore we're announcing that our TeamSpeak2 server will be shut down this Friday afternoon.

Because TeamSpeak3 is still in development it could be necessary to update your client a few times until the stable version comes out. Your TeamSpeak3 client will inform you when there is a client update available.
Download TeamSpeak3 now, and visit us at

On behalf of the LVP Management,
Sander Rutten