Ending the sequence of epic failures

posted by Wesley on Thursday, February the 25th at 3:35 PM
After being a player on Las Venturas Playground for over two and a half years and a member of our staff for a little more than two years, TEF has decided to leave us.

After being in-game for almost 2900 hours, dying 24,103 times and banning over 9000 players, TEF has come to the conclusion that he doesn't enjoy the game as much as he did before, and that he can't afford spending as much time on Las Venturas Playground as he used to.

We would like to award our one and only Total Epic Failure with an official LVP Appreciation Award and thank him for everything he has done for the community.

Justin, thanks for everything! You will be missed.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management and Crew,
Wesley Lancel