Major changes up ahead, moving steadily forwards for now...

posted by Wesley on Wednesday, February the 3rd at 4:18 PM
It's time for yet another update from the Development team. Last week we launched Las Venturas Playground 2.91.9 with quite some new features, and this week it's time for version 2.91.10.

This new version of our gamemode features a few bug fixes and tweaks. The interior handler has been improved, fixing a few bugs and adding some features. We have tweaked the cruise command, so more people will join a cruise. Also, we have enhanced our ship handler with a few functions.

So where's the new features? Unfortunately there aren't any this week. We have been working on some larger things which are planned for futher releases. This includes an improved object handler, which will allow use to create some new maps with more objects. Furthermore, a discussion will be launched this week, concerning the vehicle layout of Las Venturas Playground. We want to have a better set of vehicles in Las Venturas, and you can decide which vehicles you will be driving in future versions.

Of course we'll keep fixing any bugs that are on our list or that you may find.

You can find a complete list of changes in 2.91.10 below:

- Added FCrules and swearing into /rules (Richard)
- /cruise enhancements (Fireburn)
- Enhancements to interior handler (Fireburn)
- Moved all of the cruise stuff to one file (Matthias)
- Ship-punches now get reset every 4 minutes. (Matthias)
- Fixed some small typos, cleaned up some stuff (Matthias)

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team,
Wesley Lancel