The SaveHandler saves the day!

posted by Fireburn on Wednesday, February the 10th at 7:57 PM
It's time for the new weekly update from the Development team. This week we've worked on the new version, Las Venturas Playground 2.91.11. This version fixes quite a few annoying bugs that have been ingame for quite a time already.

We have been working hard on fixing the final bugs in the savehandler. We managed to trace out the bug which would give you the wrong spawnweapons, and we have fixed it. Also, a few other bugs have been done in the spawnweaponhandler, preventing you to have two spawnweapons in one slot, overriding each other. Also the bug where you would sometimes have a wrong color after your color has been set temporary by an admin has been fixed.

We have also tweaked a few things inside the gamemode. First of all we have added messages for the player in /lang and /unmute, so you actually know that you are muted and unmuted now. Also, we added /p id spam, so players can be warned easily when they spam the mainchat. Matthias has been working on tweaking /fight. The minigame now has boundaries, so you won't be able to run away in a fight anymore.

You have probably wondered where the new car-layout topic was this week. Due to some circumstances we will start the poll this week. Watch the forums, Twitter and the site to stay up to date.

The complete changelog of the new version is here:

* /fight now has boundaries. (Matthias)
* Fixed tempmods still having orange color after reconnect (Fireburn)
* Fixed typo in /ramping (Fireburn)
* Fixed robbery chat not showing in .echo (Fireburn)
* Fixed message of DM champion (Fireburn)
* Fixed typo in /cruise announcement (Fireburn)
* Added /p id spam (Fireburn)
* Fixed /lang and /unmute not showing messages (Fireburn)
* Fix for savehandler giving wrong spawnweaps (Fireburn)
* Fix for /unmute messages (Fireburn)
* Fix for double-slot-spawnweapons (Fireburn)

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team,
Joppe "Fireburn" Arnold