Las Venturas Playground 12.9.0

posted by Kase on Saturday, February the 1st at 2:59 PM
Dear players,

We don't post about every new version we roll out, because most of them contain bugfixes and other small features. Although quite a few things have been improved and added in this release, and we think you might want to know about them!

First, we've added /my playerinfo, a command which will let you set global per-player FPS/ping/packetloss information to show/hide. This setting is saved for registered players. When the setting is set to show player information, each player around you will have a 3D textlabel attached showing their playerinfo.

However, it isn't possible to have a textlabel attached to yourself, which is why you will also notice a textdraw right above your mini-map showing your own stats.

When you enter a minigame, the textlabels will disappear but your own information textdraw will stay visible.

Secondly, the command /properties will now also show earnings for each property. Last but not least: /property search has been added back. You're able to search again for properties using Ids or (partial) names.

Also, in 12.9 only drivers should be only to spawn ramps now, and players being minimized for longer than 3 mins are automatically paused.

Of course check out the Trac timeline for the full changelog. Don't forget to report bugs on Trac or on forums!

On a side note, cake has decided to step down as an administrator to focus on the development of the Las Venturas Playground gamemode.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management & Development Team,
Kase & cake