Las Venturas Playground 26.4

posted by cake on Friday, February the 19th at 10:40 PM

An update has been pushed to the server! The changes can be seen below. If you notice any issues, please do let us know by replying here or logging a case on Github!

- Reset a player's look upon connection to avoid unwanted /my look styles - Fixes a bug where connecting players would get the look applied by previous players.

- Allow players to /ignore administrators

- Increase the vehicle respawn delay from 2 to 5 minutes

- Place /waterfight players on the same team, to avoid killing your opponent(s) and defeating the purpose of the minigame

- Reset the weapon variables for fixing players upon connecting - This fixes random weapon issuing with /fix.

- Use NewsController to distribute finished minigame notices - Move main chat clutter to the news messages section at the bottom of the screen.

- Handle vehicle respawning for features after the vehicle world has been set - Should fix the occurrence of minigame vehicles in world 0.

- Make a distinction between chats from different worlds for /my allchat users - Fix for crew members.

- Switch minigame color and override color - Should fix minigame players getting normal color instead of override color (like for /chase)

- Redefine InvalidColorId in ColorManager.pwn - Should fix color issues with the live map (

- Fix 'time taken' for jumps. Also, players in map zones should count as minigaming players

- Heavily improve /minigaming to show more information regarding players in minigames, and teams (if applicable) - Use /minigaming to see who is playing what!

In addition, Russell is working on good stuff regarding activity logging. This should bring more awesome features in the future like tracking of weapon accuracy, kill assists, and way more. Stay tuned!

On behalf of the LVP management, crew and development team,

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