2.90 almost out of Alpha phase

posted by Fireburn on Monday, January the 5th at 2:04 AM
The last weeks the developing of 2.90 went rapidly. With over 350 changes and more than 100 new features, we can call this the biggest update Las Venturas Playground has ever seen. The last weeks new code has been commited on a daily base, and a lot of testing has been done with the Beta Team, which we thank for helping us find bugs and make 2.90 even better.
We are now arriving in the final state of the development. No new features will be accepted in 2.90 than the ones already on our to-do list. This of course doesn't mean you have to stop posting suggestions, after 2.90, there will be a 2.91 with more awesome features.
At the moment, our progress developing 2.90 is 98%, with 317 tickets of the 325 being finished. This means that 2.90 is almost ready to go into the next phase, which will be public beta-testing. We will finish all open tickets, and then first test it out with our Beta Team. If everything works well, we will ask you to join us in betatesting, to see if no bugs occur with more players.
We've been working hard to bring you the next version of Las Venturas Playground, and are excited we've come this far. We all love to see this gamemode running on the official Las Venturas Playground server, with more than 100 players.
We will now tell something more about the features that have been added over the last weeks.

  • Car Crusher
    In 2.90, you are now able to use the Car Crusher. This is a fully modelled scrap yard near the Las Venturas Stadium, where you can crush your car. The Car Crusher will then look how your car looks, what modifications it has, and what kind of car it is. Your car will then be crushed and you receive an amount of money based on the scrap-value of your car.

  • Vehicle Imports
    Players often want a car they cannot find. With this new cool feature, they can import a vehicle, ranging from bikes to fast cars to trucks, depending on what the the stock is, and what the vehicle importers get in their deliveries.

  • Platinum Bank Accounts
    We noticed the credit crunch hit our players as well, and that is why we added different type of bank accounts. There will be ATM-machines throughout Las Venturas, where you can bank and withdraw money. As Platinum member you can also choose to automaticly bank your income, to make sure you don't lose your money to taxes or robbers! These are just one of the new possibilities Las Venturas Playground 2.90 will give you as a customer at the San Andreas Bank.

  • Improvements for VIP members
    In 2.90, people who donated, also known as VIPs will get more features ingame. They can access some new commands, they can fly Radio Controlled helicopters and planes, after all, they are the people who keep Las Venturas Playground running!

  • Wanted Levels
    The wanted system has been completly redone. The maximum number of wanted stars you can have will be 6. However, your kills will still be counted, even if you have more than 6 kills in a row. And as extra competition, there will be a title and a cash reward, so try to become the killer with the longest streak, and be the Deathmatch Champion!

  • Lottery
    Want to try your luck? Buy lottery tickets and gamble in this new minigame to win money!

  • Flight Simulator
    Did you always want to be a real pilot, but you don't have enough money to actually become one? Now you can, for free! In 2.90 we implemented a fancy-looking altitude-meter, that will make you feel like a real pilot! And you don't need a high-end PC like you need for Flight Simulator:X, no, this just uses the San Andreas Engine, making sure you can get a real pilot-experience.

  • Grand Theft Auto
    Las Venturas Playground is based on San Andreas Multiplayer, the mod which makes Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas a multiplayer game. In this new minigame, the feel of Grand Theft Auto will be brought to Las Venturas Playground! In this minigame players have to deliver vehicles to a merchant, by which they can earn loads of money!

  • Vehicle Accidents?
    In the current gamemode, crashing a vehicle is just crashing a vehicle. The vehicle gets damaged, but the players who are in it will just be as healthy as they were before crashing from a 200 meter building. But with this new version, that won't be possible anymore. Players now have to drive around more carefully, to make sure they don't get hurt when crashing. Because, when a player crashes, he will get hurt and he will lose health.

The above list just describes some of the new features which will be in Las Venturas Playground, but there are just too many new features to tell you about all of them, so you will just have to wait until you can play this awesome update. As already stated, we are very excited, and we are sure you will be too when playing this new version. In the coming weeks, there will be a public beta when everything goes according to plan, so stay tuned on updates, which will be posted here, and on IRC.
The Development Team and the Management wish everyone a great 2009, which will bring this great update, and more, and we know you will like this as much as we do.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team and the Las Venturas Playground Management,

// Fireburn