Las Venturas Playground 2.90 Public Beta

posted by Fireburn on Wednesday, January the 28th at 10:07 PM
Hi there,

As you have probably read on the development blog, 2.90 is almost ready. We already had several beta's, including one small public beta, and now we think it is time to make the beta even bigger.
That is why we will be having a public LVP 2.90 beta tommorow (29/01/2009). The beta will start at 7pm (GMT/1900), that is 8pm Dutch time (GMT+1, 2000), and 2pm New York time (GMT-5, 1400). To find out your local time, go here.

The details of the betaserver are:

HostName: Las Venturas Playground [Testserver]

Please note
One of the changes in LVP 2.90 is the method used to save playerdata. For testing we converted a lot of old player data already.
So you should be able to login. Although the current playerdata at the testserver is 6 weeks old.
If you registered less then 6 weeks ago, or you changed your name, you can't login.
Of course your data will be transfered and converted once we can go live with LVP 2.90.

Have fun, and please report any bugs back to us.
You can use the /bug command to report bugs in-game.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team,