LVP's Crewbitch Results

posted by Sander on Monday, January the 19th at 4:36 PM
Dear players, crew, etc :7
We'd like to thank all the participants in the open LVP Next Top[/s] Crewbitch solicitation.

A few days late, but we are ready to present you the results of this open solicitation.
We had 38 players who dropped an open solicitation in the LVP Next Top[/s]Crewbitch forum.

After a discusussion per player, we made our final list of candidates.
Once again a selection was made, and we are ready to present you 2 new mods:


As an extra result, we have also a list of potential future-mods.
We can't tell you who is on that list, just keep an eye on our Crewlist.