Happy crashing with 2.91.9!

posted by Jay on Wednesday, January the 27th at 5:48 PM
Another week has passed and fresh out of its beta the Development team is proud to bring the community another gamemode version: Las Venturas Playground 2.91.9.

2.91.9 fixes an issue which has been present in the gamemode for a considerably long time. Known to the community as "the saveinfo", parts of the core handler have been rewritten which re-introduces crash restoring. From now on, when a player disconnects from the server for whatever reason, if they reconnect within ten minutes, their game will restore to the exact state it was in before they left! This includes their spawn weapons, properties owned, vehicle they were driving, position, interior, world and much more!

Additionally, all other known connection issues have been fixed. This includes countless problems with the automatic login and that frustrating message which some players randomly suffered from showing "You cannot use commands until you select a skin", when the player was most certainly spawned.

A new command has been added for people who like to cruise the streets. The new /cruise command allows players to assign a cruise leader, and from there gives them an opportunity to repair their vehicle if they are within range of the leader using the command which was only previously available in map zones: /vr.

A command for VIPs has been improved. The /my colour command now saves to a VIPs profile so that they don't have to request a permanent colour change from a crew member.

A few other fixes are detailed below in the changelog:

- Fixed a servercrash (TransporterX)
- Fixed /ctp not working with an ID (TransporterX)
- Fixed random spawn weapons after reconnecting (Jay)
- Fixed position / vehicle / other data failing to restore (Jay)
- Fixed property restore after crash (Jay)
- Fixed automatic login causing "Please choose a skin before using commands" message (Jay)
- Fixed all other known connection issues (Jay)
- Improvements to the SaveInfo data loading (Jay)
- Fixed some issues with ship fighting (TransporterX)
- New command: /cruise (TransporterX)
- Fixed being able to get an early start in a race from a menu (Jay)
- /my colour for VIP members now saves (Jay)

On behalf of the LVP Development team,