Introducing our newest slav.. developer, TransporterX!

posted by Matthias on Wednesday, January the 13th at 1:45 PM
This message is the first of our new, weekly gamemode announcements. From this point forward we'll publish a larger gamemode update every Wednesday, together with an associated news message.

In the past week we've been working on lot of new features, fixed quite some bugs and have created a few new ones to be included in this update. This has been done with the help of a new developer, TransporterX. On behalf of the entire Development Team I'd like to congratulate him with this new position, and wish him all the luck as an official developer of our SA-MP Server. TransporterX is already actively developing our gamemode. He has been busy cleaning up the code, fixing typos, and generally improving the source. Among these changes there were a number of annoying bugs (including the fire bug getting you jailed, wanted level being lost when being killed on the ship, and the spawn money bug) which no longer are an inconvenience.

Internally in the Development Team, we have created a roadmap containing rough plans for development in the next few months. We'll share a bit more about these plans in the next update, which is exactly seven days from now. Our current priorities focus around fixing a number of annoying bugs which still are present in the sourcecode. Please remember, if you happen to run into any kind of problem or bug, be sure to report it properly! This is the full changelog for version 2.91.7:

* The /brief minigame now doesn't end when there's 1 player left. (Matthias)
* Added an info pickup to the FightClub showing some information about /fight. (Matthias)
* Added, /fight info, /fight watch, /fight stopwatch, fixed the FightClub location. (Matthias)
* Fixed some small jail bug. (Matthias)
* Fixed a few small typos. (Matthias)
* Fixed the bug where other admins couldn't talk during a muteall. (Matthias)
* Admins can now use commands in mapzones. (Matthias)
* /fight challenge now supports names. (Matthias)
* Fixed a few bugs with /watch. (Matthias)
* Fixed the bug where the killboard would fuck up after a secret kill. (Matthias)
* Fixed spawnmoney bugs. (TransporterX)
* Fixed taxi place owner being told the correct place where someone is taxi'ing to (TransporterX)
* Fixed /hitman as well as all commands using SelectPlayer to work with partial names (TransporterX)
* Added earnings to /my props and /properties (TransporterX)
* General code clean up, formatting, optimization, grammatical and typographical errors, and some cleaner logic (TransporterX)
* Added a check for "on fire" deaths on the ship to prevent a mean bug (TransporterX)
* Fixed a bug regarding the wanted level being lost when killed on the ship (TransporterX)

On behalf of the Development team,
Matthias van Eeghem