Las Venturas Playground's New Year's Resolutions

posted by Peter on Saturday, January the 2nd at 4:06 PM
Now that most of you (and us!) have sobered up from New Year's Eve, we figured it might be a nice time to push out another news message for our website. Please be aware that no updates doesn't mean that nothing is happening! Smaller items and announcements usually occur using our Twitter Feed and on IRC.

In the past few weeks we've been working on finalizing parts of our website. A WhatPulse Team Overview got added, an easy instructional page has been added for users new to Las Venturas Playground and we've launched our Google Chrome Extension. Lots and lots of bugs have been fixed, the website has been made faster by, on average, 0.8 seconds for a full load and WhatPulse now features semi-live statistics, updated once an hour.

Within a few weeks we are expecting to publish other large parts of the website. Firstly we're preparing a new theme for our forums. This theme will feature full integration with LVP's member system and website layout, creating a more coherent feeling between our website and forum. The user control panel is making steady progress as well, we'd like you to be able to modify almost everything by yourself, so we're creating lots of interactive options.

In the short run we expect to publish quite some smaller updates soon. WhatPulse profile pages are planned with quite a high priority, we'd like to enable sorting when searching for a specific player or clan and the website should support comments on news messages and profiles. All by all, lots of things are upcoming, so stay tuned!