That Special Someone.. times four!

posted by Peter on Sunday, January the 3rd at 11:47 AM
A small part of the people who join the Las Venturas Playground SA-MP server leave, and never come back again. Fortunately, a much larger part likes the server and registers on our website, which has been done by over 73 thousand people so far. Among this group there are a few people who we feel deserve some special attention.

I'm talking about people like Xanland, Cave, Halo and Turkey. People who have been around since forever and, while not constantly active, have been actively involved with Las Venturas Playground on several subjects. For that reason we have decided to grant them a special Appreciation Award, a clear sign of the respect that we have for them. While this doesn't bring any additional rights or privileges, we believe this is an appropriate way to show our gratitude. Congratulations, guys!

In other news, some minor bug-fixes have been applied to the website since yesterday. The contact form is working again, the WhatPulse date-selection menu agrees that it's 2010 and more work has been finished on the control panel, results of which will be visible soon. We'll share the first screenshots of that within a few days!

With kind regards,
The Las Venturas Playground Management