New Update: LVP 2.93.5

posted by Jay on Friday, January the 7th at 10:43 PM
We've just updated the game server to LVP 2.93.5.

This fixes several major issues as well as waving goodbye to the Christmas features. Well, at least for another year!

Below is a full list of changes:

- Fixed issue with duplicate gangs (Testing)
- Fixed server crashes at night
- Fixed bugs with NPCs
- Disabled Christmas
- Added restrictions to gang names to prevent MySQL issues
- Cleaned up some code
- Fixed conflicting gang settings restricting gang limits to 32. Gang limit is now 128
- Added some internal error dumps
- Fixed conflicting textdraws in the gang handler
- Re-added /p id gang for crew
- Fixed invalid gang data updates for non registered players
- Wrote a new update filterscript featuring textdraws & countdowns

Unfortunately due to a conflicting gang issue we have had to reset all gang data. We apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused.

We will issue two more bug fix updates as well as updating to 0.3c in the coming weeks before we start work on the next major version. More details soon!

Kind Regards,

LVP Lead Developer