The Recession is not getting any better..

posted by Jay on Saturday, January the 29th at 6:49 PM
We've just updated to LVP 2.93.6.
This update is on a new version of SA:MP: 0.3c. You must download the latest version at in order to play on Las Venturas Playground.

This update is primarily a bug fix update. There have been over 30 bug fixes committed!

We've also took advantage of some new 0.3c features to improve the gamemode: IDs now appear in the players chat, many chat messages have been improved and upon riding motorcycles players now wear helmets to give a realistic feel.

Properties now pay out every 2 minutes again. The bank limit has been decreased and there has been some changes to taxes. But the good news is, things are now MUCH cheaper! You no longer have to break the bank to use everyday features such as spawn weapons, showmessages, etc.

We've also made some improvements for crew. Admins can now permantly mute a player which saves to their account so that the restriction is applied beyond sessions. Gunther the friendly ship bot has also had a few bug fixes too.

To see a full list of changes, checkout the changelog at

We'll be releasing a further bug fix before we begin planning our next major version.

Kind regards,

LVP Lead Developer

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