Updates to Las Venturas Playground 2.90

posted by Jay on Monday, July the 13th at 12:25 AM
The two latest builds for Las Venturas Playground have been focused towards fixing the bugs. Whilst 2.90.29 has some cleanups and minor bug fixes, 2.90.30 is the largest build we have released since 2.90 was made live. There is a total of 25 bug fixes along with features being re-added such as the random vehicle spawner.

The random vehicle spawner was first introduced in 2.90.0. After being disabled in a later build due to bugs, we have since fixed those bugs allowing us to re add it. Everytime a vehicle respawns, it will be replaced with a new vehicle of it's kind. For example, if an NRG-500 respawns, it could be replaced with an FCR-900, PCJ 600, Faggio, BMX, etc. This will introduce many new vehicle models such as the Buffalo, Huntley and Strafford, and will also space what seems to be many models of the Tampa out.

We've acknowledged issues with vehicles, which, in some cases, randomly disappear. To help fix this bug in future builds, we have added many debug statements throughout the code.


LVP 2.90.29:


    * Cleaned up /commands. (Matthias)
    * Added a /cd command [same as /countdown] (Matthias)
    * Removed /distance and /currenttime (Matthias)
    * Moderators can now use /shipcam too (Matthias)
    * Removed 2 floating health pickups at /map 4 (Matthias)
    * Added random announcements about development which will be announced every 15 minutes (Matthias)
    * Fixed /shipcam. (Matthias)
    * Added a /getstats [playerid] command to check that player's stats (Matthias)
    * TEF has got his own car now. (Matthias)
    * Added a /my licenseplate command for VIP's. (not live yet) (Matthias)
    * Changed 9 Moderator commands to the new syntax. (Matthias)
    * Added /my sawnoff [tec9/uzi]. (Matthias/Wesley/Fireburn)
    * Fixed minigamestartings showing admin message (Fireburn)

LVP 2.90.30


    * Fixed a small bug in /getstats. (Matthias)
    * Fixed lotto not resetting your tickets (Fireburn)
    * Removed some weird exception that could possibly crash the server (Fireburn)
    * Fixed issues resulting in properties failing to sync (Jay)
    * Fixed an admin command, /unadmin, causing a minor issue with /ingamecrew (Jay)
    * Fixed issue with players having access to Fast Skins (Jay)
    * Increased anti money cheat accuracy and fixed /withdraw triggering detections (Jay) 
    * You now can't start racing without other players signing up. (Matthias)
    * Re enabled the goddamn random vehicle spawner because Jay forced me to and I suk (Fireburn)
    * Fixed vehicle getting respawned when flying lower over the ship (Fireburn)
    * Fixed issues causing damage desync in /knockout minigame (Jay)
    * Players no longer lose weapons when killtime starts (Jay)
    * Fixed right click map teleport for crew (Jay)
    * Defending team of robbery can no longer arm the bomb (Jay)
    * Fixed issues with anti team kill sometimes failing (Jay)
    * Casino Gamble warnings no longer show when leaving Robbery (Jay)
    * Random vehicle spawner optimizations (Jay)
    * The maximum bank withdraw limit is now $999.999.999 (Jay)
    * Fixed issues with weapons / position not restoring when completing robbery minigame (Jay)
    * Kill2 command for crew members fixed (Jay)
    * Disabled all weapons in the login room (Jay)
    * New derby: 7 (Jay)
    * New achievement: Killing with a detonation bomb (Jay)
    * Added several debug statements for vehicle issue testing (Jay)
    * Fixed a small bug in the SAMs property flag. (Matthias)
    * Fixed quick-taxiing with vehicles not setting the vehicle to the correct interior. (Matthias)
    * Replaced the textdraw in the chase with a gametext since the textdraw bugged. (Matthias)
    * Fixed issues with Achievements completed not updating when changing names (Badeend)
    * Several database improvements (Badeend) 


Over the past few weeks we've experienced issues relating to the Casino Robbery minigame. However, since we cannot reproduce some of the bugs, parts of the Casino Robbery handler have been rewritten and are still in testing. If you notice any bugs whatsoever, or just feel you would like to comment, then please leave feedback here.

The next build, LVP 2.90.31, will include bug fixes to gang colours sometimes appearing black, and will include a rewrite of the SaveInfo handlers core, which handles the saving of spawn weapons after a disconnect (that's a promise :)).

We're going to be concentrating on getting every bug possible fixed within the next few builds before starting work on future versions.

Additionally, we would like this opportunity to apologise for the downtime earlier this evening. Several improvements have been committed to the database along with some bugs fixed.

On Behalf of the development team,

P.S We would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Wesley on becoming a Lead developer of Las Venturas Playground.