Update on Development

posted by Jay on Thursday, July the 14th at 9:58 PM
We've been working on adding many cool new features to LVP 2.94 to finally bring the players back to LVP!


LVP 2.94 is stunting paradise. Most of you will have seen some of the 2.94 stunt objects occasionally loaded on the main server. Those aren't even half of the new objects. The mapping team have been working really hard. 2.94 will have over 5000 new objects, over 10 new knockout derbies and more than 20 races.

The /map system will receive an overhaul. It will be renamed to /stunt, there will be new commands available and less restrictions making it more of a freeroam feature similar to other servers. The interface will be improved and will show a list of stunt areas and jumps in a cool dialog.

There are many new maps added.


Racing has been highly improved. The race interface has seen a major overhaul. We've introduced many new features and expanded the race handler to allow new functionality. There are new stunt races as well as drift races, circuit, knockout, and more!

We've added new race vehicle upgrades that allow players to add fully functioning missiles to their vehicle as well as the possibility to drop spike strips / barrels out the back of their vehicle! New pickups allow racers to compete for the upgrades. There are also vehicle health, armour and nos and repair pickups throughout race courses.

At the bottom is a screenshot taken during the Alpha testing of the race vehicle missiles.


Knockout derbies proved to be really popular. So, we've added lots of them! We've added some pickups throughout derby maps too:

Barrel - Creates a small explosion and reduces derby vehicles' health
Spike Strip - Pops all the derby vehicle tyres
Health - Restores a derby vehicles health
Armour - Gives a derby vehicle armour
Skull - That one's a suprise
Double skull - Even better than above.


So far we've added two new minigames: Haystack and Island DM.

Haystack is similar to MTAs popular minigame, players must reach the top of the moving haystack. First player to reach the top wins!

Island DM is a basic two team deathmatch minigame on a secret remote island. See the below screenshot.

We also plan on implementing our own version of the popular "Don't Get Wet" minigame as played on the main server occasionally.

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