Forum layout

posted by Richard on Monday, June the 29th at 5:12 PM

As you may have noticed, we have been busy changing the layout of the forum. Not only did the layout change, new boards were added as well.

To be more exact, this is what has been removed:

Banner contest has been moved to the new category “Graveyard”
LVP Senate been moved to the new category “Graveyard”

And this is what has been added/moved:

Player Introductions and Help Requests > These were a part from the old “Account Related” board. We separated them now, Help Requests is for questions relating your actual account and Player Introductions is where your introductions are.
Offtopic Bullshizzle > This only became it’s own board because it was used a lot. Before, it was a subboard of General Talk.
Tech Talk > A new board for any questions you have about your PC, consoles or anything else tech-related.
Games > A new category was added for games, in here, you can discuss any game that has a board. If you want a new board to be added, post this in the "Request a game" board.
GTA IV > Anything about GTA’s latest version.
GTA San Andreas > With the subboards Media Dump and SA-MP(which has it’s own subboards again) this is new board with subboards which already existed.
CoD4: Modern Warfare > Not the latest version of the Call of Duty series, but still played a lot.
CoD5: World at War > The latest Call of Duty release.
Dutch Section > This has been changed to Read-only. This has been done because we felt it wasn’t fair towards the other nationalities. The only reason we had this is because of LVP’s origin, a group of Dutch people. This will be in the "Graveyard" as well.
Graveyard > Already spoken about in the removed parts. The boards in here are boards that are no longer used but still are things people might want to see.

Also note that there will be some changing in permissions and groups in the near future. There may be things right now which are not correct, please have some patience, we're working on getting everything working as it should.

If you have any questions related to this subject, you can PM Fireburn, Sander or Richard for questions.

On behalf of the LVP Management,