Holidays coming up!

posted by Fireburn on Monday, June the 29th at 12:49 AM
Hi there,

It's time for the two-weekly write-up again. Over the last few weeks not much has changed in the gamemode. We had some small additions and bugfixes, but we didn't add cool large new handlers. This was mainly due to the exams everyone has to do at the moment. Almost everyone in the development team has summer holidays now, except for me, I still have to do exams this week. This means some cool things can be done. In holidays, everyone has too much free time, which means they can do stuff for LVP. So what can you expect from us in the next weeks?

  • First of all, we will finally fix the bug where you wouldn't get stuff back after crashing. We're going to rewrite the savehandler to make it work again.
  • We will create a ganghandler, which basicly means you can save your gang. More details of this cool handler will come later.
  • We will add some new minigames, which will feature things not yet seen in LVP.
  • We will fix lots of small annoying bugs.
  • And we will add more features I'm not going to describe now.

So this period is going to bring quite some cool stuff to everyone, and we're excited and will try everything we can to bring as much as possible.

Anyways, I'm put the new version online a few moments ago, since the wiki is down I will put all changes from the last two weeks here.


  • Fixed /back and made sure crew can now use /tune for free
  • Everyone can now use /brief and /rivershell to start those minigames


  • You can now see quit messages in the minigames
  • Lots of new achievements with exports, speedbonusses and taxpayments
  • Small bugfix where you would spawn in wrong world in some cases after minigame
  • Crew can use commands when wasted now

About the achievements, there are quite a lot now, you can find all of them in the LVP Achievements Topic! In this topic you can also give suggestions for achievements you would like to see ingame.

Well, I guess that is it for today, we hope to see you around soon and we hope you are excited about some new plans. Also, if you found a bug, don't forget to report it on our bugtracker!

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team,

// Fireburn, Lead Developer 2.X