Downtime 16 March

posted by Peter on Sunday, March the 16th at 8:02 PM
Good evening all,

As you probably have noticed, the websites and forums have just returned after a long downtime of seventeen hours. At exactly 2:32 AM this morning, a very large part of the servers hosted at the We-Dare datacentre lost power after a series of smaller downtimes over the past few months. Although the exact reasons of the downtime haven't been published yet, they managed to get the larger part of the servers online again about four hours later.

The Las Venturas Playground webserver however, officially named "Nishino", did not return. A number of e-mails were sent to inform them of this problem, and luckily they were capable of solving it just a few minutes ago. The boot-loader of our server, for which we use the grub software, had failed and needed to be reconfigured. The webhosting company reprogrammed the software and it booted nicely again, resulting in you reading this message.

Currently Nakebod and myself are starting the remaining services on the server so everything works nicely again. Registrations will be available again in a few minutes. A thanks goes out to Chris from REDUNIX for fixing the grub boot-loader.

Sorry for any inconvenience,
Peter Beverloo