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posted by Nakebod on Monday, March the 24th at 9:56 PM
Dear slaves.. eh, players!

After a long time of silence, we have picked up working on our new website again.
Our LVP VIP members could see the new website for several long months now, and since then it has become a little bit silent around it.
Way to silent.

Until today!
We are ready to present you our new website,
This is a fresher looking website with more usefull information on it.
The first idea was to launch it together with LVP 3.0, but as you know LVP 3.0 isn't here yet.
But to release a little bit "LVP 3.0", you can now view our new website!

Be sure you check out all the pages! It contains LVP 3.0 spoilers :)

In the future the website will become a more important place for LVP 3.0.
You are able to manage various things from the website.
More details about this will follow as soon as we are ready to show.

Have fun, and enjoy surfing!

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Sander "Nakebod" Rutten