Another update; some fixes and a VIP feature

posted by Wesley on Wednesday, March the 3rd at 3:22 PM
And it's Wednesday again. We're a little early this week, but it's time for another gamemode update.

For all the VIPs out there, this update is good news. From now on you will have access to restricted vehicles, formerly known as admin vehicles, being the Hunters and the Hydras. Of course this sounds like a lot of fun, but you're not supposed to fly up to the strip and shoot an entire gang down with the Hunters build-in minigun. You're allowed to shoot each other in a virtual world, or just fly around without doing any damage in the main world. Be sure to follow the rules, or your access to the vehicles will be removed. This system is linked to the other VIP features, like VIP mod, so make sure you don't lose our trust.

The other things that have been done this week are mostly bug fixes and tweaks for crew commands. The ship-coordinates have been fixed, the annoying bug with empty lines showing up every now and then in the chat has been resolved and the SaveInfo handler now supports jail.

A full changelog for this week's update can be found below:

• Added /p id resetspawnweapons for crew members. (Matthias)
• /nuke now supports names. (Matthias)
• Fixed a param bug in /pm. (Matthias)
• Fixed a small ship-coordinates bug. (Matthias)
• Fixed the SaveInfo handler not recognizing jail. (Jay)
• Fixed /settings. (Matthias)
• Fixed the emtpy line appearing in the chat every minute (Matthias)
• Admins can now use commands in /fight. (Matthias)
• Fixed sometimes /v id explode not working with moving vehicles. (Matthias)
• VIP''s and moderators can now use admin vehicles. (Wesley)

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team,
Wesley Lancel