Hints will no longer work against you!

posted by Matthias on Wednesday, March the 17th at 5:36 PM

Another week has passed, so it's update time again! We couldn't exactly do as promised in the previous blogpost (make a lot of new features), since most of the developers have been busy with things in real life.

We managed to fix a few annoying bugs though. Fireburn fixed the bug where /gangs could show up empty gangs, I fixed the bug where regular players would get a Hint textdraw in the login room, that wouldn't disappear. Next to these bugs I also managed to fix a few other bugs.

A changelog of the new version (2.91.16) can be found below:

* Fixed a small !giveplayeradmin and !giveplayermod problem. (Matthias)
* Fixed renaming a property not setting the property label properly. (Matthias)
* Fixed a small /p id weapons bug. (Matthias)
* Fixed the bug where regulars would get the Hint in the loginroom. (Matthias)
* Fixed a bug where /gangs would show empty gangs (Fireburn)

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team,