Las Venturas Playground 13.7

posted by cake on Friday, March the 14th at 5:31 PM
Dear players,

This update contains some changes we'd like to tell you some more about. First of all, we're currently busy expanding statistics on the player profiles as seen on our site. At this moment stats regarding lamekills and carbombs have already been added, and soon we'll show FightClub statistics as well. In the near future this will even be expanded further with some awesome stats we can gather with the 0.3z update.

About the gamemode itself: as you might've noticed the Bag of Cash is back! It used to be a filterscript but has now been implemented in the gamemode. More of these kind of filterscript transitions are underway. The Bag of Cash locations have been refreshed with some new ones, while removing duplicating hint-based locations.

Also this update achievements have been fixed; speedbonus achievements have been removed and lamekill achievements have been properly implemented again. You should now be able to round up 3 achievements for consecutively 50, 100 and 200 lamekills. The command /my achievements will now show all available achievements LVP offers, greying out the ones you haven't achieved yet.

Finally, lately there has been some thinking on how to fix LVP's economy since it is too easy to achieve a full bank within a short amount of time. Peru is, as we speak, completely recreating the property layout to match with a more advanced economy. For this update the prices for spawnweapons found in the Ammunation have been raised. We're also offering Sachtel Charges, Chainsaw and Katana as spawnweapons in the LV Ammunation now, with the Sachtel Charges being the most expensive.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management & Development Team,