Las Venturas Playground 28.0 - The return of Races!

posted by George on Sunday, May the 15th at 9:10 AM

An update was pushed to the server! The changes can be seen below. The headline of this release is the return of the Race System - give it a go (/race), let us know what you think! Please note that in order to provide a somewhat comprehensive changelog, some of the more back-end changes are not shown below, however they are available on our GitHub commits page. If you notice any issues, please do let us know by replying here or logging a case on Github

- 051e403: Remove tax for administrators & make /nos free for them too

- d430e71: Enable online friends to be removed by player Id

- ee38301: Remove the old Pawn implementation of gangs

- 96d0de2: Block illegal vehicle modifications

- df8aff7: Delay initialising the export system until the vehicles are loaded

- c8a8553: Don't block interior shots for /wwtw and /robbery

- 62724d0: Remove "/p [id] gang", enable "/gangs "

- db8a900: Force a SetSpawnInfo() update when changing skins in-game

- 375b4ec: Increase the maximum number of FC matches to 30

- 03497ec: Don't double-send admin messages to gangs

- 2b8b8e9: /gangs should talk about the right player

- 05293f6: Maintain a binary network status log

- 16d8a66: Clean-up spawn weapons, reduce the standard ammunition

- 2ccac09 | cdbe06d | 4517b82: Introduce an Economy Manager to better align and organize pricing/costs

- 90806b4: We find Joe rather attractive, so we've removed some objects to help him shape his own garage

- c815872 | af93ae9 | 4337647 | 7c525be | c8b1ef5 | 1be49e7 | a1236e1 | 4d478d9: Re-enable the Race System, various fixes/improvements

- 3099634: Disable headshots for same-team players

- c20a673: Ignore admin messages starting with three exclamation marks

- 1014d66 | 6525234: Don't clear the chat when changing /worlds or leaving/engaging in minigames

- 717e567 | a3edac5: Improve logic behind the collecting of other players' weapons

- 4026c3f: Reset spawn weapons prior to granting new ones

- 36b05dd: Don't show PMs to/from IRC for administrators with their message level set to 0

- 8dd158b: Clean up the Hide and Seek minigame

- 894b5fd: Add a /hasfix command for administrators

- 2db4df9: Have a gang chat usage message for admins

- e74af0b: Add the /tur command, similar to /inf, /ele, /sul and /nrg, but for Turismo's.

- 2063a5f: Add a "/show ship" command for administrators

- 80b4405: Adjust the refresh-rate from 1 to 5 seconds for the statistics in the bottom right hand corner

- 8d6ed18: Have more sensible updating of the player's team

- a09717b: Be more sensible when updating a player's money

- 656a90e: Fix two silly < vs. <= issues, minor clean-up

- 64a8e8a: Coalesce money issuing on the ship

- ba8804c: Cache the Bag of Cash textdraw display status

- ed4e03d: Remove some dead formatting in the Briefcase minigame

- 6d4d10d: Reset health when a player leaves the ship during killtime

On behalf of everyone at Las Venturas Playground,

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